CLEAN POWER, is first of all a team of enthusiastic, talented and inventive staff who build a relationship of confidence with clients over the long term and support and motivate the technical staff in order to ensure consistently high quality performance.



Founded in 1995, CLEAN POWER is particularly attentive to ensuring that each person working for and representing it respects its fundamental values and shares the company spirit.



In order to guarantee a tangible result over the long term, our Area Managers, serving as a support team, have the necessary expertise acquired in the relevant industries, such as cleaning, real estate, automobile, IT, international hotel, recruitment and temporary staffing, security and facility services, etc. They are permanently in contact with clients and the team on the ground, whom they visit and provide with effective coaching.


Pour garantir un résultat tangible sur le long terme, nos Area Managers, équipe d’encadrement, disposent d’expertises acquises dans les milieux du nettoyage, de l’immobilier, de l’automobile, de l’IT, de l’hôtellerie internationale, du recrutement et de l’intérim, de la sécurité et du facility… Ils préservent un contact permanent avec le client et l’équipe de terrain qu’ils visitent et coachent avec efficacité.



CLEAN POWER’s staff is made up of motivated people who value the recognition they receive for their skills; fully aware of the importance of being active team members, they are thus able to provide excellent service.