Regular tertiary cleaning for SMEs / Offices, stores, showrooms, retail

Our specialty: regular tertiary cleaning (offices, stores, showrooms, retail)

As a public space and the privileged location for welcoming your clients, you offices, store or showroom must be immaculate and reflect the confidence you wish to inspire in your visitors. Hygiene and cleanliness are therefore crucial.

Clean Power, a professional cleaning company on the market for 20 years looks after everything, with full discretion guaranteed. We start by finding out exactly what your needs are and putting together a detailed set of specifications for the tasks to be carried out. Clean Power recruits and selects with great the best technicians, eco products, technologies and machines with which to fulfil the specifications for the maintenance of your building.

Next, your dedicated Area Manager oversees the quality of the cleaning work done. Always open to listening to your concerns, he or she bears operational responsibility for implementing your day-to-day requirements, organizing any additional work as well as advising you on the choice of techniques to help optimize your costs.

Our expertise, our efficient methodology, our accessibility and flexibility both in terms of scheduling as of the types of solutions offered guarantee that the cleaning will be simply perfect. Our commitment, incorporated into our Charter, offers you a guarantee of impeccable quality.


  • Cleaning floors, walls, partitions, ceilings and drop-ceilings
  • Cleaning, shampooing and treatment of fitted carpeting
  • Cleaning windows and glass partitions
  • Cleaning neon signs and advertisements
  • Assembly, moving, dismantling of furniture
  • Holiday decorations