Professional window cleaning

Our specialty: professional window cleaning

Clean Power offers you a professional window cleaning service to ensure your company image is always brilliant!

Our window washers have the requisite technical experience and training necessary in the area of security, so as to carry out traditional window washing as well as specific types of service requiring major installations. Thanks to lifts, platforms and other modern technical devices to gain access, we can provide our services at most types of architecture. Moreover, in order to ensure the security of both our staff and our clients, our prevention adviser visits the sites that may present potential dangers before they provide you with an estimate.

Because the cleanliness of the windows of your building is the reflection of the image of your company, use the services of our professional window-cleaning team and judge our level of know-how for yourself.

For impeccable cleanliness, discover our industrial and office cleaning services as well.


  • Cleaning and protection of façades
  • Washing of window frames and façade elements (in synthetics and/or aluminium)
  • Removal of pollution and other residues
  • Removal of graffiti and tags (with optional application of anti-graffiti coating)
  • Cleaning neon signs and siding
  • Cleaning glass roofs (provided secure access is granted)
  • Cleaning elevated lighting fixtures and pipes in warehouses or hangars
  • Cleaning skylights or light shafts