Industrial cleaning / buildings, factories

Our specialty: industrial cleaning

Clean Power optimizes industrial cleaning of factories, production units, agrifood industry, pharmaceutical laboratories where the need for hygiene (antiseptic level) and cleanliness is absolute.

The specialized cleaning of industrial environments requires real technical know-how. It is therefore imperative to attend to prevention as well as to the regular maintenance of these areas; in so doing, Clean Power complies with the strictest possible standards and methodologies in force (HACCP). In this regard, our teams receive ongoing and advanced training in this area, which sees constant advancement: new techniques, new methods for disinfecting and cleaning machines, new products, new ergonomic materials, environmentally friendly cleaning, etc.).

Clean Power draws up decontamination plans and specifications tailored to the sites taking into consideration all the constraints involved in production, such as the configuration of the space, the types of surfaces to be treated and the machines to be used, the difficulties of gaining access to certain zones, the level of risk taken, security measures to be taken) for purposes of a daily or occasional cleaning, such as during the annual closing of operating units.

Clean Power designates men and women trained in the world of industry who offer their services in accordance with business production cycles. Rigorous and regular quality control processes guarantee that your premises remain clean at all times. CLEAN POWER ensures the maintenance of its machinery located on site.

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  • Cleaning and disinfection, dusting and degreasing
  • Cleaning vehicles
  • Cleaning laboratories, cleanrooms, industrial kitchens
  • Food production zones (food hygiene and safety)
  • Assembly lines
  • Floors, walls, ceilings, refrigerators, storerooms
  • Machines and installations


  • Factories
  • Pharmaceutical and chemical industries
  • White rooms, production units, sensitive zones