Facility and handyman services

Our specialty: facility and handyman services

Aware that each of its clients has a busy schedule and that it is more economical to deal with just one provider for the many different tasks to be carried out, Clean Power has extended its area of competence to include various trades in order to meet your varied expectations of a single professional partner that can offer you cost-effective and flexible solutions for specific work to be carried out or tasks in support of your activities.

A single contact person, a single provider to carry out all the services that require the management and maintenance of your buildings, throughout Belgium.


  • Intervention after an accident
  • Cleaning of construction site or after moving out
  • Replacing your staff during holidays or sick leave (short/long-term)
  • Disinfecting cleanrooms or IT, production units, sensitive zones, laboratories
  • Cleaning your PCs and screens
  • Cleaning siding, railings and balconies
  • Cleaning ceilings and walls, shampooing carpets
  • Maintenance of parquet floors
  • Maintenance of all types of floors (natural stone, crystallization, polymerization)
  • Disinfection of dwellings, pest control: eliminating pasts
  • Cleaning houses/ apartments/buildings before or after moving
  • Plant maintenance
  • Deodorizing premises
  • Exclusive ambient fragrance dispensers


  • Maintenance of grounds and gardens
  • Mowing the lawn and maintaining the borders
  • Planting and trimming
  • Cutting and pruning
  • Collecting leaves and rubbish
  • Weeding and removing moss from access areas, paths
  • Plant treatment
  • Installing fences
  • Paving
  • Maintenance of ponds or fountains
  • Snow removal and salting