Cleaning marble

Our specialty: cleaning marble

Clean Power offers you a unique service for cleaning marble or stone surfaces. Specialized in treating natural stone (calcite or other), Clean Power’s team of professionals enhances your marble, natural or reconstituted stone floors.

Using the appropriate products to create a protective barrier against dirt and stains (permeation or sealer), Clean Power maintains your floors from the time they are first laid down (removing the cement layer) down to regular or annual maintenance.

It is essential that the materials chosen be selected in accordance with the use of the premises (intensive traffic or not, building entrance halls, low-traffic areas) land that the type of finish applied depend on the level of wear to the stone. When it comes to cleaning marble, a detailed estimate and specifications will enable the client to see the maintenance options available for the surface to be treated.

Entrust the cleaning of your high-grade materials to Clean Power; find out more about our parquet cleaning service.