CLEAN POWER counts among the Top 10 professional cleaning companies in Belgium, after 20 years of existence.


Privileging quality above all else, the company expects consistency at all levels of its managerial policy, be that:

  • in-depth analysis and attention to your needs, adapted to the particularities of your site and your budget, respecting salary scales and working conditions,
  • advice for the best methods of cleaning and/or improved work organization
  • a detailed and clear set of specifications, specially put together for the client
  • a unique follow-up of the client & the quality of the communication
  • Regular and dynamic support for our cleaning staff,
  • The strict enforcement of the norms and regulations in force as regards hygiene, the environment and security.


A valorizing social policy

CLEAN POWER is aware that the sustainability and efficiency of the company depends on its capacity to invest in its staff, who, through their work and the respect they receive, can develop economically, intellectually and socially.

CLEAN POWER favours the human being, principal agent in all its services. We have opted for a dynamic and effective relationship with our staff and pursue an innovative and humane social policy that generates enthusiasm, stability, perseverance and team spirit.

This corporate culture leads to a significantly greater productivity and quality of service than the average, due in large part to the fact that its technicians are happy to work in favourable working conditions. Our human resources policy sees to it that there is a perfect match between the skills of our staff and the needs of our clientele. It is essential for the right person to be in the right place.

CLEAN POWER is a bold, different and innovative company as regards its human resource management.

CLEAN POWER is a firm that is bold, unique and innovative in terms of its people management

Each cleaning agent has the training required to clean the site, is familiar with the client’s priorities and the tasks recorded in the specifications, and undergoes instruction and training tailored to the specifics of the client’s business activity.
In this respect, CLEAN POWER provides strategic training on the ground concerning cleaning methods, knowledge of the right products and equipment for the environments concerned as well as the safety standards to adhere to, bearing in mind that, to date, there are no cleanliness and hygiene schools or courses in Belgium.

As an employer, CLEAN POWER is committed to the social and occupational integration of its agents. Diversity being one of the realities of our business, our firm is widely recognised by its peers and its clients as a company that is mindful of sharing its values and which respects its clients and its staff alike. CLEAN POWER offers the men and women who work for it the opportunity to affirm their multicultural identities on the basis of mutual respect for our own customs.

With this in mind, we motivate our teams, who thrive thanks to work that is remunerated according to the legal scale, and provide them with real financial independence.
Each team member has their own place within their team and within the company, enabling them to be fully responsible for themselves and increasing their self-esteem.

We have a duty to set enduring values, which we teach them and uphold in our dealings with our service providers.

An effective commercial policy. Respectful and careful monitoring.

“The two most important things do not appear in the company’s balance sheet: its reputation and its people” – Henry Ford.

As a relatively small company with a structure that is both effective and flexible, CLEAN POWER organises regular quality checks in order to boost the motivation and responsiveness of its cleaning agents and remind them of the company culture. This approach provides clients with ongoing quality monitoring of the services, during which they can also share their own thoughts.

To facilitate communication, CLEAN POWER appoints an Area Manager to be the sole contact person, ensuring the smooth performance of the contract.
Responsible and rigorous management has earned us the trust and loyalty of around 1,000 public and private sector clients.
At regular intervals during the contract, CLEAN POWER performs quality assessments for its range of services (cleaning, facilities, administrative, etc.) on the basis of internal control forms.

Client satisfaction levels are assessed on the basis of specific criteria (standardised cleanliness and hygiene standard) at the same time as taking into account the client’s requirements and priorities as well as the budget allocated to the upkeep of the premises, the client’s business activity and the events encountered.
These two-way assessments are studied internally by our specialists, who clearly indicate the actions that need to be taken (technical, economic and people-related). We determine the results achieved so far, those still to be achieved and the timeframes for doing so, to ensure that we comply with our contractual commitments.
The day-to-day work of the Area Managers, the HR department and the accounts department is supervised by the Director of Operations, under the responsibility of General Management.

CLEAN POWER has developed its own client management CRM computer programme, the PERSONALQUALITYPROCESS (PQP), based on its years of experience in the cleaning and facilities sector. This sets out objective criteria for the rigorous assessment of the quality of our services in order to provide you with the assurance that our actions are transparent and optimise communication between the client and CLEAN POWER.

The basis for the perfect partnership between supplier and client necessarily involves entering data into a computer programme, creating the memory for the commercial relationship between them.
A perfect X-Ray of the hygiene, facilities services or simply the practices of our clients is entered into our computer programme to ensure that our administrative teams can identify them if they have to take over these requirements in the event that the Area Manager with responsibility for monitoring is unavailable or absent.

This rapid communication and identification process strengthens the relationship between client and supplier.

A sustainable development policy

For some time now, CLEAN POWER has advocated a global approach to the day-to-day conduct to be adopted in the performance of its regular tasks, and demands considered and conscious actions from its employees.

Our ecological approach as a cleaning company concerned about the health of its staff and clients goes much further than that.


CLEAN POWER has increasingly turned to manufacturers of globally renowned brands for its products. Respect for nature and public health is the focus of extensive and innovative research. Our suppliers are bound by strict European ecological sustainability charters and by the customary certifications (ECOLABEL, ISO, etc.).
In terms of ecology, CLEAN POWER favours the use of low environmental impact products which contain no or low levels of substances harmful to health and which are safe for skin. However, it is not always possible to use such products for certain treatments.


All our bottles and cans are made from recyclable materials.
We help our teams to be aware of our responsibilities regarding the environment and the planet that we will leave behind for future generations.

Our Facility Management

Mindful of the fact that each of its clients is busy and that it is more economical and effective to have just one supplier to handle a number of varied tasks, CLEAN POWER has widened its area of expertise to include the activities listed below in order to cater to all of your requirements.

Our clients include private sector firms and public institutions

We send you the list of our existing clients when we prepare any cleaning offer, to enable you to talk to our many clients who are satisfied with our know-how.

Based in Axis Park in Louvain-la-Neuve, in the centre of Belgium, we can travel quickly across Belgium and Luxembourg, and have centralised our activities at one site in order to reduce our operating costs.

We have one representative for the whole of France.

Our central location enables our Trainers, Area Managers and Sales Representatives to visit clients easily and monitor our work effectively.